Dhanshee Finance Ltd. Kollkatta

Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2 comments

I have received a notice from sheetal patel associates advocates asking to pay alleged loan from the dhanshee finance ltd.I do not know the said company nor I have taken any alleged loan nor executed any alleged documents.The advocate has not given his address and his mobile is switched off.On inquiry I have found that this advocate has given many false notices on behalf of the said company and the company's office is sealed by coutr's order and many cases and complains are pending against the said company.so necessary actions are to betaken against the company and its advocate .-VRTrivedi.



HI, also got the same notice.when I called to the number person said yes this no belons to sheetal patel associates only.

And when asked for the such notice he told it is fake notice sombe body given. Kindly ignore the same.

When I asked their address then they give me some fake address in Vapi.Such address is not existing at all in Vapi.



I have also got the same Notice from Sheetal patel and Associate, for same reason we need to do Police complaint against this scammer.

I think Airtel Pepoles behind it.

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